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40-55 minutes

40-55 minutes

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40-55 minutes
  • Move Through | 50min Intermediate Flow

    Music Mood:

    Dharma theme: As we set our intentions and move into the new year, we are oftentimes met by obstacles and challenges that hold us back from achieving our goals and potential. Using Ganesha Mudra, this class taps into our inner resilience and awareness of the ...

  • Pour It In | 45min

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: We gotta pour out the past to invite in the future. Let's use the thunderbolt mudra and archer arms to invite in and aim for the wishes, intentions, actions we need to have a great year ahead.

    Physical Purpose: Strong full body in this one. St...

  • Reclaim Your Joy | 38mins Fast Flow

    Music Mood:

    Dharma theme: Holiday blues got you down? Time to rewrite the stories in our minds to help us reclaim our joy of the present moment.

    Physical Purpose: This strong and fast class features lots of balancing, core, and shoulder work to prepare us for handstand...

  • Giving & Recieving | 42mins Fast Flow

    Dharma Theme: What fulfills you these days? What are you asking the universe to fill you up with? Let's get clear on these things together.

    Physical Purpose: Tibetan Breath hugs begin our practice that leads to some spicy hip opening and creative surya's. Lots of deep hip and leg openings in to ...

  • Divine | 40mins Fast Flow

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: You are Divine! Tune into that divinity with Unshakeable Trust mudra and by sharing your light with others.

    Physical Theme: Start with some delicious hip and butt work to boost your rear end and kick things into gear. This class is loaded with...

  • Cycles | 40mins Fast Flow

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: Everything has a cycle: a beginning, middle, and end. We see it in nature and in our years. Let's celebrate these cycles as we say goodbye to 2021 and start to envision 2022.

    Physical Purpose: Deep hip work in this one. Lots of side body and mo...

  • Spirit | 44min Advanced Flow

    Dharma Theme: Let's do a spirit check! How you holding up these final few days of 2021? Let me know in a comment below.

    Physical Purpose: Let's Garuda our hearts out for some inner clarity and freedom. Spicy core work with a block to begin, and a nice Surya Namaskara C twist. This class has a ve...

  • Shanti | 39 mins Fast Flow

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: Shanti means Peace. Shall we invite in a little peace for the holidays? I think it's a must.

    Physical Purpose: Haikini mudra to boost our brain from the overwhelm of the holiday season. We soothe our hips in the beginning with some juicy leg op...

  • Gratitude Flow | 49 mins Intermediate Flow

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: Finding joy in the present moment brings gratitude into our everyday lives.

    Physical Purpose: Open the hips and heart with lots of fun bird poses to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. Figure 4 and pigeon variations, mixed with lots of chairs an...

  • Shadow Side Goodbye | 48mins Advanced Flow

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: The deeper layers of our self aren't always pretty. We all have a murky side which is called our shadow side and oftentimes it's an overlooked aspect of our true identity. They are muddled with past experiences that sometimes can bubble to the s...

  • Clear Vision | 52mins Advanced Flow + Meditaiton

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: Can we get an AMEN to clarity? 7th Chakra vibes all the way on this one. We finish this class with the crème de la crème of postures: Kukutasana or the Crazy Cock.

    Physical Theme: Back with some Hakini & Lotus Mudra sprinkled in with some cycli...

  • Strength Pilates | 38min Full Body Slow Burn w/ weights

    Physical Purpose: Need a great at home workout to do anytime? Grab a chair and light dumbbells and join Marlys for a high intensity class that is going to kick your ass. This sexy, sizzling routine will sculpt everything from your arms, core, butt, outer thighs, and more. The high reps will burn ...

  • Speak Freely | 58mins Advanced Flow

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: This fiery flow is about the union of our 5th & 6th chakra, which when aligned, can give us the confidence and clarity to speak our truth from a place of wisdom instead of hurt or pain. I encourage you to open up today and be real, sincere, and ...

  • Ease Into Love | 58mins Advanced Flow

    Music Mood:

    A vibrant class to help you expand from the outside in.

    Dharma Theme: Ease yourself into a place of loving kindness to yourself. Use buddha mudra to push out any vibes that get in the way of you loving your life.

    Physical Purpose: A strong, fun, creative ...

  • Loving Kindness | 54mins Advanced Flow

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: Welcome to the heart chakra: Anahata. Do you give yourself the same self-compassion and empathy you give to others? This class is about loving kindness towards ourselves. How do we build these things in our hearts to find peace within.


  • Move From The Heart | 50mins Intermediate Flow

    Dharma Theme: Day 19 of #FallFitFlow Challenge.

    The Aries Full Moon is a great time to work on our heart chakra and releasing any doubts and fears that hold us back from making decisions and choices that resonate with our hearts and souls. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action (and if yo...

  • Passion | 40 mins Fast Flow

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: Passion! What turns you on in life? How can you be vulnerable and real with what you are truly passionate about? This class is all about the second charka, the sweet place, where we indulge in our senses. Fluidity is the key to tapping into this...

  • Root to Rise | 54 mins Intermediate Flow

    Dharma Theme: Tap into your root chakra by connecting with the feet and legs and finding balance and stability from the mat up. Find your roots and rise up!

    Physical Purpose: Lots of tip toes and chair poses to build a strong foundation and create space in the upper body. This class focuses on u...

  • Head Up, Heart Forward | 50mins Intermediate Flow

    Dharma Theme: Retrograde season, and the change of seasons, can leave us feeling stagnant. This practice encourages a lifted heart and looking forward even in times of reflection and release.

    Physical Purpose: Core and twists to encourage detox and release, while building strength in the upper...

  • Rinse It Away | 50 mins Detox Flow

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: When we don't feel great our entire body is affected by it. We can experience bloating, fatigue, indigestion, constipation, anxiety, mood swings, etc. This class is about releasing all the ickyness locked within so you can feel good and balanced...

  • Strength Pilates | 38min Strength + Cardio

    Start off with a heavy dose of legs to sky rocket your heart and turn on your quads and butt. Move into side body, obliques, outer and inner thighs. It's a full cardio class to sculpt and tone your major muscle groups.

    Reapt often for optimal results.

  • Gut Check | 50mins Detox Flow

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: Process and Eliminate. That's our bodies natural job. Don't allow the weight of your life to weigh you down. Rinse it out.

    Physical Purpose: Start with a rinsing breath to release any sinus backup. Then use this theme of elimination to rinse t...

  • Inner Goddess | 40mins Intermediate Flow

    Music Mood:

    Peak Pose: Frog Pose

    Dharma Theme: Embrace your inner Goddess!! Deep hip + side body opening, inner thigh opening. Leave feeling fluid, grounded, rejuvenated. Th...

  • Leap of Faith | 50mins Intermediate Flow

    A well rounded class to open the hips and backs of the legs!

    Peak Pose: Full Vashistasana to Supported Hanumanasana Transition.

    Dharma Theme: Stepping out of our comfort zone can be scary! Take a leap of faith and trust that you are supported in all you do.

    Physical Purpose: More hamstring a...