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Beauty Brain Boost

Beauty Brain Boost

Quick meditations and dharma talks using yoga mudras to elevate your mood and tune you into the best YOU you can be. There is power behind positive, mindful thinking. These short brain boosts give you an opportunity to pause, reset and balance your thoughts for more focus, better concentration and an improved attitude. They are the perfect antidote for your busy day. Namaste!

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Beauty Brain Boost
  • Brain Boost for Better Thinking!

    Hakini mudra is a brain boosting mudra used to connect the two hemispheres of the brain. You often professionals using this mudra while they lecture. Take a moment out of your day to pause, sit and use this guided resource as a way to plug you into a place of focus and concentration. Ten minutes ...

  • Brain Boost for Energy + Vitality

    Let's sit for a minute and get ahold of our breath as we aim it up to our best selves. Prana mudra for vitality, lightness, ease, energy. This mudra is great to pair with Sama Vritti as a body pick me up. Think of it like a cup of coffee for the brain without the nasty side effects. Take this whe...