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Watch this video and more on Sequential Body

Watch this video and more on Sequential Body

Be True To You | 65mins Advanced Flow

Emilie Perz | Flow + Fitness • 1h 6m

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  • Beauty Boost | 10min Butt + Thigh Burn

    Short on time? Let's get to buttness.

    Physical Purpose: Tone, Sculpt, Lift your rear end and shape your hips with this boost for the lower butt. Lunges, curtsy squats, hydrants, toe taps and more. Its fast, efficient, and an effective way to really shape your legs. Leave a comment and let me kno...

  • Clear Vision | 52mins Advanced Flow +...

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: Can we get an AMEN to clarity? 7th Chakra vibes all the way on this one. We finish this class with the crème de la crème of postures: Kukutasana or the Crazy Cock.

    Physical Theme: Back with some Hakini & Lotus Mudra sprinkled in with some c...

  • Speak Freely | 58mins Advanced Flow

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: This fiery flow is about the union of our 5th & 6th chakra, which when aligned, can give us the confidence and clarity to speak our truth from a place of wisdom instead of hurt or pain. I encourage you to open up today and be real, sincere, ...

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