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Watch this video and more on Sequential Body

Watch this video and more on Sequential Body

Conscious Movement | 1:08 Strong Back + Handstand Splits

Emilie Perz | Flow + Fitness • 1h 8m

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  • Hakini it Up | 1hr Legs, Core, Stradd...

    Hakini hands to hold us to our highest selves as we move into this hip focused flow for straddle press handstand hops. Good dose of leg strengthening, core in planks and balancing postures.

    Arm Balances:
    Eka Pada Koundinyasana

    Straddle Handstand

  • POP | 1:11 Advanced Arm Balances

    The world's popping back open. How do you feel about it and are you keeping up with your self-improvement projects. This class is super unique. We use Ghana mudra to reconnect to our practice. Intricate leg work weaved into his entire practice. I'll keep you on your toes in skandasana pose, rainb...

  • Fierce | 50 min Cardio Flow

    Put some wings on yourself with this fierce practice designed to build strength for a BIG balancing posture called Ghanda Bherundasana (aka chin stand). Spicy core leads to flapping wings to handstand hop switches and a big ole Urdhva Dhanurasana (aka wheel) to end. It's a spicy flow with bells a...