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  • LiveStream w/Emilie

  • Beauty Boost - Quick Core Fix

    Tone those yummy tummy six pack muscles in this short flow that hits the upper and lower rectus abdominals and obliques. We get creative with leg movements, blanket slides and full vashis! Repeat this one regularly to see those charming core cuts that make your abs look sleek.

  • Lower Body Mobility

    Meet Linda Nyvltova, a wonderful full time yoga teacher who has trained under numerous yoga modalities. Linda works privately helping clients and advanced athletes achieve maximum results in their range of motion. This class is all about strength of the legs as you test your depth, range of motio...

  • Calm Through Chaos

    For most of us, life is beginning to happen again. Businesses are opening and traffic is in full swing. But if there is one thing that Covid taught us, it's the need to slow down and be more grounded and connected to our awareness and actions. This class uses arm rotations (internal and external)...

  • Conscious Movement

    Conscious & deliberate movement is just as important as our to-do lists. This class asks us to move in and out of creative movements to get into the mid and upper back, neck and chest so that we have freedom in the body to play with handstand splits successfully. A dance like arm theme repeated t...

  • Hip Burn!

    Our lower leg muscles are so important for longevity and overall health of the body. The hip is comprised of so many supporting muscles that keep it's tone and integrity. In this workout we will engage the legs in creative ways to fire up these muscles and make them strong, long, lean machines. G...