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Watch this video and more on Sequential Body

Watch this video and more on Sequential Body

Put Your Back Into It | 30mins Yoga Conditioning

Linda Nyvltova | Yoga Conditioning • 30m

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  • Twist into your Truth | 30 mins Yoga ...

    Dharma Theme: Do you know how to twist for a healthy spine? Twists are so important for spinal health and overall flexibility. They say we are as young as our spine is so make sure you do this one often to strengthen your core and really rejuvenate your entire body.

    Physical Theme: Firing the co...

  • Hip Release | 40mins Yoga Conditioning

    This mobility class is great for the front of the body. As humans we sit a lot and so the spine slumps forward creating unnecessary strain on the hip flexors. Consequently, if you run alot then you overuse this area of the body. This class is great for release of the front body while laying on th...

  • Acceptance | 35mins Yoga Conditioning

    Dharma Theme: As always acceptance of what our body is capable of doing and our own unique limitations. It's learning to be ok with what we have, which is already amazing!! There is much to be grateful for and we can experience happiness in the present moment.

    Physical Purposes:
    External/ Inte...