Low Back Remedies

Low Back Remedies

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Low Back Remedies
  • Shoulders & Core Handstand Prep | 20 mins Yoga Conditioning

    A yoga conditioning class that begins with some yummy chest and heart opening to release the pecs and delts. Then utilize your blocks to strengthen the core and upper back. Bridges, puppy dogs, forearm planks, shoulder stability work and creative core get you prepped for Pincha Mayurasana, dolphi...

  • Introduction to Mobility w/ Linda

  • Put Your Back Into It | 30mins Yoga Conditioning

    Dharama Theme: Quick reality check, aging doesn't cause us to loose flexibility. You either use it or you lose. Oftentimes, it's our lifestyle habits, tendencies, and perhaps even laziness, that allows certain body functionalities to atrophy. We constantly need to reintegrate muscle groups, musc...

  • Core + Hips | 20mins Yoga Conditioning

    Dharma Theme: The action doesn't always match the intention. In yoga and fitness, we rarely recognize our unique muscular compensations. Meaning the areas of the body we rely on to make things more accessible or easy. Avoiding the challenge is actually the easy part and the body loves to take th...