June Jumpstart

Join Emilie for a 21-day on-demand retreat where you'll learn daily and effective techniques to calibrate your entire body leaving you feeling optimally well and vibrant.

It's the half-way point of the year and many of us are experiencing major burnout, fatigue, and sluggish energy. This on-demand bundle offers exceptional classes each and everyday that will give you the control to reframe your energy, release anxiety, and detox your body of access weight. You do not need to subscribe to take this series. Simply, purchase below for access.

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Meet Your Instructor!

Emilie Perz is a Sports Medicine Expert with over 20 years experience in yoga and fitness. She has worked clincally alongside doctors creating yoga therapeutic treatment plans that address the individual concerns of her patients. "The biggest challenge these days is highlighting the importance of a multi-dimensional health routine that leaves your body feeling vibrant and balanced."

Emilie's approach to health addresses the major health concerns we see in modern society, not enough rest, poor nutrition, and stress from overworking and not moving.

Clinical studies show that it can take anywhere between 18-254 days to form a new habit. Our Jumpstart Series begins at the halfway point of the year, making it the perfect time to be creating new habits for health and fitness results. by 2023!

<p>Emilie Perz</p>,

Emilie Perz

Founder @ Sequential Body

Are You Ready To Jumpstart Your June?

In this bundle you'll receive a new approach to health that addresses the following:

  • nervous system regulation: modalities to soothe stress and lessen anxiety

  • optimal functioning of circulatory system, specifically lymph drainage

  • increase blood flow and respiration through cardio movement

  • improve heart rate variability with interval, strength, and cardio training

  • boost immunity with organ detox techniques and natural modalities

  • restore range of motion with yin, restorative, and myofascial release

  • visualization techniques to create new neural pathways in the brain

  • breathing techniques to lower blood pressure and balance hormones

With Jumpstart, you'll receive daily ondemand workouts, mindful techniques, medical information, and custom exercises to retrain your mind and body:

Fitness Lovers Are Raving About Sequential Body

<p><span style="color: var(--hp-color-text, #1b2733);" ><span class="text-2xl">Fitness Lovers Are Raving About Sequential Body</span></span></p>

Emilie is incredibly grounded, honest, and body smart. Her classes layer and build in surprising ways where only in hindsight do I realize that every moment has better prepared me for the next. I consistently leave classes feeling stronger, lighter, more patient, and more balanced - both physically and emotionally. I so appreciate how personal the platform is; being able and encouraged to reach out with questions and be in an active dialogue about the practice. And as someone who travels often, having access to all of this wherever & whenever through the Sequential Body platform is truly a gift.

Sarah Butler

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