40HR Anatomy Teacher Training

40HR Anatomy Teacher Training

Join Emilie for a 40hr deep dive into the science and heart of anatomy as it applies to yoga and everyday living. This course has six modules broken down to talk into an introduction of body, movement patterns, structure vs. function, and recurring themes we see throughout the body and yoga practice. You won't simply sit there and take notes on a screen; you'll interact and learn directly from Emilie how to apply assessments and this essential information to your teaching or personal practice.

June 10: 9-5pm

- General terminology
- Intro to anatomy (ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia)
- Skeletal system and alignment
- Range of motion

June 11: 9-5pm

- Intro to Foot/Leg/Hip
- Intro to Core
- Function vs. Dsyfunction of major joints

June 12: 9-5pm

- Intro to Spine
- Intro to Shoulder/Head
- Function vs. Dsyfunction of major joints

June 13: 9-5pm

- Intro to neuroplasticity
- Intro to anatomy of breathing
- Assessing bodies
- Therapeutic application

+ 8 hours of class work and homework to complete for Yoga Alliance credit.

Text questions at 310-349-3958

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40HR Anatomy Teacher Training

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