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Scarlett McCann | Yoga Flow

Scarlett McCann | Yoga Flow

Scarlett McCann is an LA -based yoga instructor who found the practice during an incredibly challenging time in her life. Using the many tools provided through yoga and meditation she has shifted her lifestyle, habits, and perspective to support a healthier body and mindset. Yoga has created such an incredible, life-changing experience that it sparked the desire to share this transformative practice with others. Scarlett completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training with Sarah Ezrin at YogaWorks in 2015, and has continued to practice and study with some of the top teachers in Los Angeles, including Sequential Body's Emilie Perz. She has taught a several independent studios in the Los Angeles area, and currently teaches at 24 Hour Fitness, corporate classes, and works with private clients.
Scarlett's classes are challenging, but offer modification and variations for all levels of fitness and body types. They are Vinyasa-based, energetic, refreshing, and playful-using conscious cueing to provide proper alignment and anatomic knowledge to her students. Combined with pranayama, visualization, yogic texts and scriptures, Astrology, and a openness with her own personal challenges and experiences, Scarlett classes inspire transformation, community, connection with Self and personal development. As her teaching journey expands to the Sequential Body community, she is excited to be a part of a platform that is so dear to her heart, and looks forward to sharing this beautiful practice with each of you.

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Scarlett McCann | Yoga Flow
  • Kings and Queens | 1hr Advanced Flow

    Dharma Talk: Show yourself some respect and love and treat yourself like Royalty! Ahimsa is simply translated from Sanskrit as Non- Violence. This principle applies to all living beings, but starts within our own body and mind. Negative self talk and unhealthy habits are a form of self harm that ...

  • Find the Balance | 1hr Intermediate Flow

    Music Mood:

    Dharma Theme: Autumn is the season of letting go and release. Look back over the past year and taking note of what is no longer serving you on your path, and what can be released.

    Physical Purpose: Alternate nostril breathing to begin to restore balance and...

  • Inner Goddess | 40mins Intermediate Flow

    Music Mood:

    Peak Pose: Frog Pose

    Dharma Theme: Embrace your inner Goddess!! The Virgo New Moon encourages us to tap into our feminine side- to nurture ourselves physically, ...

  • Leap of Faith | 50mins Intermediate Flow

    Peak Pose: Full Vashistasana to Supported Hanumanasana Transition.

    Dharma Theme: Stepping out of our comfort zone can be scary! Take a leap of faith and trust that you are supported in all you do.

    Physical Purpose: More hamstring and hip flexors, with lots of planks, side planks, chatarunga a...

  • Internal Dialogue | 52mins Intermediate flow

    Peak Pose: Hanumanasana (Splits) with props

    Dharma Theme: We face challenges in life, (and poses on our mat!) that our mind tells us that we are incapable of tackling, that seem too hard or overwhelming, so we avoid them. Can we change the internal conversation to one that encourages stepping aw...

  • Precious Things | 48mins Handstand Flow

    Dharma Theme: The hopes and dreams that we hold close to our hearts are oftentimes the most precious of all possessions, and deserve to be loved and cared for. Virgo Season and the Taurus Moon teach us to love ourselves as we are now, that we are worthy of all of our desires, and to keep striving...

  • Harmonious Union | 1hr Intermediate Flow

    Dharma theme: Bhairava Mudhra is a powerful mudhra that promotes harmony and balance within by balancing the masculine and feminine energies channels of the body.

    Physical Purpose: Beginner/Intermediate class that prepares the upper back and shoulders for handstand prep against the wall, with ...

  • Drishti | 56mins Intermediate Flow

    Dharma theme: Drishti: translated as "a focused gaze" in Sanskrit, is a way of improving concentration during our practice by focusing on a specific visual point during asana. By minimizing the effect of distractions on the mind, we can find balance, within our lives, and on our mats.

    Physical ...

  • Leo New Moon | 1hr Advanced Flow

    Dharma Theme: This Sunday marks the start of the new Lunar cycle, in the sign of Leo. New Moons are the perfect time for manifestating and setting intentions. Leo offers us abundance, playfulness, courage and strength. Embody these elements on your mat with this lively practice.

    Physical Purpos...

  • Tapas | 70mins Fire Flow

    Dharma Theme: As we come to the end of this moon cycle, there is a focus on release and letting go. Tapas is the purification of the body, mind, and spirit through movement, self study, and breathwork to create strength, power, and resilience within our lives.

    Physical Purpose: Lots of side bod...

  • Flip the Script

    Dharma theme: Pratipashka Bhavana: Our perspective can oftentimes be clouded by our thoughts and ego, not allowing for us to see clearly the blessings that are often times right in front of us. In order to flip the script, or the stories our minds tell us we must work to see the positive in all ...

  • Lion's Courage

    Dharma Theme: It take courage to change our mindset from one that is fearful, stuck, or overwhelmed to one of courage, growth, love and gratitude. Leo season is the perfect time to tap into our own personal courage in order to live from the heart, be open and strong-yet vunerable enough to love a...

  • Sanity | 1hr Intermediate Flow

    Where in your life are there feelings of chaos and insanity? Do your own personal thoughts contribute to that, adding to the story, creating more turbulence in the mind? Use this practice to help restore a little sanity to the mind, and body. Unshakeable trust mudra for this spunky flow that emph...

  • Strong + Stable | 1hr Intermediate Flow

    Ganesha mudra is associated with first chakra: our roots, foundation, support systems. Stability is an important key to feeling safe within our bodies, minds and hearts. In this practice you'll play with physical stability by playing with your balance on hands and knees with leg lifts, and stand...

  • Slow & Steady | 1hr Intermediate Flow

    A key part to achieving our goals is overcoming the feeling of overwhelm. Our minds race and we feel pulled in too many directions. This practice encourages a slow and steady pace and release of the excess chatter of the mind to help up see our goals clearly. Begin on your back in savanna with a ...

  • Step Into Uncertainty | 1:09hr Advanced Flow

    Unshakeable trust is the theme and mudra of this class that is all about landing on our feet again. A hearty dose of core throughout, balancing, and side body strengthening, you'll even utilize a block for upper back conditioning. Lead up to Vira 3 and L shape handstands at the wall to end.


  • Scarlett friday

    Holding our blessings and desires within our cupped palms, we hold space for them to manifest, and envision our cups overflowing. We build into a strong grounding flow, using the legs to root and and rise up. Twisted Triangle, Twisted Half Moon and Warrior 3 transitions help build the stability a...

  • Divine Communication | 1hr Sweet Hip Flow

    Mercury Retrograde is here! Instead of focusing on the negativity that is typically associated with these three week time periods, we use Buddhi mudhra and a sweet hip flow to bring open communication through the body, mind, and Spirit.

    Chapasana, Vrksasana, Restorative Pigeon.

  • Concious Communication | 1:20 Strong Flow

    Use Buddhi Mudhra to tap into a deeper level of communication with the self. This is a deep hip class with lots of balance poses weaved in. Vishnu couch with tree into twisted side boat, forearm planks, and pincha myurasana with leg variations to finish it off.

    Arm balances:


  • Calm Through Chaos | 1:15 Shoulders + Scorpion Flow

    For most of us, life is beginning to happen again. Businesses are opening and traffic is in full swing. But if there is one thing that Covid taught us, it's the need to slow down and be more grounded and connected to our awareness and actions. This class uses arm rotations (internal and external)...