Short + Sweet Workouts

  • Strength Pilates | 38min Strength + Cardio

    Start off with a heavy dose of legs to sky rocket your heart and turn on your quads and butt. Move into side body, obliques, outer and inner thighs. It's a full cardio class to sculpt and tone your major muscle groups.

    Reapt often for optimal results.

  • Epic | 35mins Fast Flow

    Dharma Theme: Take a lens to your life and what do you really see? Hopefully an epic story with many adventures and chapters. Let's relish in being alive and the experience of living.

    Physical Purpose: Shoulder flossing, leg opening, and lots of balancing (including on fingertips). Lots of twirl...

  • Side of Thighs | 14 mins Beauty Boost

    Physical Purpose: The outer hips are super important to strength and oftentimes these muscles need to fire quick in order to lift up and hold mula and uddiyana bandha. This practice will keep your butt svelte while giving you the strength to kick up and hold your butt over your head.

  • Strength Pilates | 40min Core

    Physical Purpose: Work the tubular core in this nonstop mix of fun core party tricks. Marlys will tighten your low belly, sculpt your obliques, and give you the tummy definition of your dreams. Enjoy beauties and leave a comment.

  • Leo Love | 45 mins Fast Flow

    Dharma Theme: Love yourself and all the things you've accomplished. Give yourself props often and recognize you are a vast source of potential.

    Physical Purpose: Yummy core to begin becomes squats for days. Standing splits, quiet shiva's with high heel kicks, and lots of fun chest opening. This ...

  • Hello Hips Class | 30mins Yoga Conditioning

    Dharma Theme: Do you feel like to have tight hips? How are you finding balance to all the hours of sitting? There's a quicker, more effective way to open your hips than passive stretches..
    In this class we flow low & deep to create more space around our hip joints. We'll use hip articulate rotat...

  • Crossing for Success | 30mins Fast Flow

    Dharma Theme: I hope you have a successful day after practicing this flow that's about crossing our fingers, ankles, knees in hopes that we receive our dreams.

    Physical Purpose: Play with upping the outer legs and strengthening your inner thighs in this one. Our focus is a little IT band and sid...

  • Beauty Boost | 12mins Spicy Core

    Need a quick core fix? I got you. This class focuses on training the upper and lower abdominals to give you those yummy six-pack cuts. Do repeatedly to help assist in your lift off in arm balances and your yoga hops in vinyasas. Enjoy!

  • Unlock the Box | 50mins Cardio Flow

    Dharma Theme: Open your box of blessings and take something out to smile about. Life is nothing but an ebb and flow of highs and lows. This class is about tapping into all the vast possibilities there are to life.

    Physical Purpose: We skip chatturangas in this flow and add in a creative vashist...

  • Strength Pilates | 43 Minutes Full Body

    Join Marlys for a full body strength workout. Lots, and I mean LOTS of core with little cardio kick.

  • Strength Pilates | 40min Full Body

    Step into your strength with this well rounded creative pilates class that targets all areas of the body. Tone, breathe and sculpt the core, arms and lower body. This one is great for strengthening!

  • Strength Pilates | 15min Deep Core

    Use the assistance of a ball to work your deep core stabilizers. If you sit at a desk a lot and/or have low back pain this one is perfect for strengthening the tubular core region for deep internal strength!

  • Strength Pilates | 40mins Lower Body

    Lower body supreme in this pilates strength class that focuses on toning and sculpting the muscles of the legs, core and glutes. Low impact, no weights required and you can substitute a pillow for the ball under your back. Let us know how you like this one guys!

  • Strength Pilates | 37 mins Full Body Strength Movement

    Use your own bodyweight in this full body BURN! Work on the chest, back, legs, core, and outer hips. Shake rattle and roll in this one.

  • Put Your Back Into It | 30mins Yoga Conditioning

    Dharama Theme: Quick reality check, aging doesn't cause us to loose flexibility. You either use it or you lose. Oftentimes, it's our lifestyle habits, tendencies, and perhaps even laziness, that allows certain body functionalities to atrophy. We constantly need to reintegrate muscle groups, musc...

  • Beat Defeat | 24 mins Restorative Yoga

    Dharma Theme: Hey there beauty, I'm sorry to hear your stressed, but I got your back. This class is the perfect blend of helpful postures to release the areas of body that hold on to stress and anxiety. A reboot for the nervous system, I would recommend taking this one regularly before bed or ear...

  • Twist into your Truth | 30 mins Yoga Conditioning

    Dharma Theme: Do you know how to twist for a healthy spine? Twists are so important for spinal health and overall flexibility. They say we are as young as our spine is so make sure you do this one often to strengthen your core and really rejuvenate your entire body.

    Physical Theme: Firing the co...

  • Hip Release | 40mins Yoga Conditioning

    This mobility class is great for the front of the body. As humans we sit a lot and so the spine slumps forward creating unnecessary strain on the hip flexors. Consequently, if you run alot then you overuse this area of the body. This class is great for release of the front body while laying on th...

  • Acceptance | 35mins Yoga Conditioning

    Dharma Theme: As always acceptance of what our body is capable of doing and our own unique limitations. It's learning to be ok with what we have, which is already amazing!! There is much to be grateful for and we can experience happiness in the present moment.

    Physical Purposes:
    External/ Inte...

  • Feet Carry You | 30 mins Yoga Conditioning

    The ankles and feet are the foundation of our human anatomy and skeleton. Take a deep look at the mobility and stability of this major joint in the body that allows us to walk, pivot, run, sprint and practice yoga without even thinking about it. Give your foundation some love but notice what come...

  • Feel Your Goals | 30 min Mobility Class

    Be kind to your spine in this juicy spinal rinse. Upper backbends and chest openers for days will strengthen the muscles to the backline of the body. Closed twists, sidebands, deep hips and lunges really make this the perfect class for backbending prep and/or a lighter, lower impact flow. End wit...

  • Yoga Conditioning | 30mins Hamstring Strength

    It's common knowledge that yoga stretches your hamstrings. But what about strengthening them. All muscles need both tone and pliability to work at their fullest potential. Regrettably, most yoga classes tend to overemphasize stretching the hamstrings which can lead to injuries.
    We’ll start in b...

  • Mobility for Inversion Prep | 33 Mins Yoga Conditioning

    A yoga conditioning class that begins with some yummy chest and heart opening to release the pecs and delts. Then utilize your blocks to strengthen the core and upper back. Bridges, puppy dogs, forearm planks, shoulder stability work and creative core get you prepped for Pincha Mayurasana, dolphi...

  • Beauty Boost | 22 mins Quick Core Fix

    Tone those yummy tummy six pack muscles in this short flow that hits the upper and lower rectus abdominals and obliques. We get creative with leg movements, blanket slides and full vashis! Repeat this one regularly to see those charming core cuts that make your abs look sleek.